Pillows of handwork

A pillow is bed belonging as the sewn up from every quarter sack, filled by a fuzz, feather, foam rubber or other soft material. Serves for support of head of lying man, for comfort of seat on a sofa or for decorative aims.
A traditional filler is a “fuzz-feather”. Such pillow is filled with a swan, ancerine, duck fuzz or chicken feather, fuzz of eider, or mixture of small soft feathers and fuzz. A fuzz protects birds not only from a cold but also from an overheat. The bits of fluff adjoin not densely, the microscopic closed layers of air, providing excellent heat-insulation, are therefore created. Such pillows perfectly absorb and evaporate moisture, easily restore a volume.
Initially pillows were mainly used by solvent people, pillows are found in the Egyptiac burial places. Complication of making of dyes and technique of sewing resulted in converting of pillow into the article of art, ornate pillows became an expensive commodity in the beginning in China, and later and in Medieval Europe. During Industrial revolution, making of decorative fabrics and pillows became a mass production.
The traditional Chinese pillows instead of the covers filled by a soft filler often are the hard supports of rectangular form, made from a stone, tree, metal or porcelain. Pillows of hand-made of our masters can be both decorative and used in everyday life. In our online shop there are new models specially for trips. The pillows of handmade can become an irreplaceable and original gift also.