Soap of handwork

Soap it maybe to produce by hand in several ways. Thus to him essential oils, grated nuts, ground coffee, coconut oil, odorants and flavours, can be added.
One of methods is a chaffy and melting already of the prepared soap (for example, child). The bar of soap is ground on a grater, water or another desired liquid(for example, decoctions of herbares) is added, after all mass is put on water bath and warms up on a little fire at the regular stirring. When mass becomes homogeneous, she is taken off from water bath and add essential oils and other ingredients at pleasure. Difficulty of this method consists of that the prepared soap used by a soap maker is refractory enough and the process of his overcooking is long. This method is used by novices in the soap making, as does not require considerable financial expenses. Soap of handmade can be also made out of the special soapy basis being for sale in the specialized shops. Basis can be kindled in a microwave stove. Unlike the soap got an industrial way, soap of hand-made is worse soaped, as incoming in the complement of soapy basis ingredients more sparing and soft. It quicker use on the same reason, what analogical weight industrial soap; and it is slippery enough.
The soap produced from directly lye and fats by hand requires from the soap maker of observance of accident prevention during work with lye. On the other hand, complete control after the process of creation of soap allows to the soap maker to create an exactly that product that needs him.
From reports, soap was made as early as ancient Babylon (2800 about to our era). Descriptions of technologies of making of soap are found in Mesopotamia on the clay tables related approximately to 2200 to our era. The Egyptian papyrus of middle of the second millennium testifies to our era, that Egyptians regularly washed by means of soap. Similar cleansers were widely used and in Ancient Rome. In our contemporaneity soap of handmade became not only the means of care of skin and also excellent and original gift.