Wares from a bead

Wickerwork from a bead is a type of the decoratively-applied art, needlework; creation of decorations, arts and crafts from a bead in that, unlike other techniques, where he is (weaving with a bead, knitting with a bead, wickerwork from a wire with a bead – the so-called bead wickerworks, bead mosaic and embroidery a bead) used, a bead is not only a decorative element but also structurally-technological. All other types of needlework and (mosaic, knitting, weaving, embroidery, wire wickerwork) without a bead are possible, however will lose part of the decorative possibilities, wickerwork from a bead will cease to exist. It is related to that technology of wickerwork from a bead carries original character. The wares made by hand from a bead will add bright paints to the interior of Your house or office.

History …
Bead, in a that form, what we know him today, many types of beads, many techniques of wickerwork from a bead and receptions of works with him are known steel in Ancient Egypt. In Middle ages in Russia, in especially the north, as beads widely used the pieces of mother of pearl and river pearls, that in great numbers was obtained in the rivers and used in the decoration of clothing, church and domestic utensil, mainly in a technique as embroidery.